How to wow your valentine this year!

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, and it’s a time to show your love and adoration for those special people in your life.

Gone are the days that sending flowers for Valentine’s Day is reserved for only romantic love. Whether you’re romantically sending flowers to your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, or partner, or sending a sweet reminder that you love your mom, grandma, classmates, friends, or teachers, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love for ALL people! Anyone (and everyone) can be your valentine!

Below is our guide to WOWING your valentine this year with the perfect flower that represents your feelings! Small tokens, chocolates, or stuffed animals are popular gifts, but flowers have been the gift of choice for centuries! Each flower has a specific meaning, which will help you choose the perfect blooms for your special someone.


The rose represents passionate love, and has been a longtime favorite and most popular pick for Valentine’s Day. If passionate love is something you want to communicate to your valentine, then our Ornato arrangement is a perfect pick! With two dozen roses arranged beautifully amongst accent florals, this arrangement is sure to show your passion and love!


Ranunculus are a gorgeous flower that mean attractiveness and charm. Whether you’re trying to win the heart of someone special, or are showing your undying love for your sweetheart, our Red Hot arrangement is a great choice for the ranunculus lover!


Lilies show devotion, and have always been a popular and well-loved flower choice for Valentine’s Day! We would recommend our Magnifica arrangement, which combines both lilies and roses to really WOW your lover!


A sweet and simple flower – the Tulip represents care and affection and is a great choice for a less romantic gesture! Our Lovely arrangement would make a wonderful, friendly gift for someone who is special to you.


Carnations tend to get a bad reputation, especially around Valentine’s Day! But we think these ruffly flowers make a beautiful addition to any arrangement, and they show admiration. With a mix of both roses and carnations, our Rosa arrangement is a beautiful way to say “I adore you.”