DIY Winter Wreath


Lights, garland, trees, candles, and wreaths are some of our favorite holiday decor! We especially love live winter wreaths here at Amore Fiori, which is why we host our annual Winter Wreath Workshop every December. It has grown to be such a hit that we have now graduated to offering TWO workshops every winter. We have a couple spots left for our in person workshop (reserve your spot here), but if you can’t make it, here’s a little tutorial on how you can make your own live winter wreath at home!

Not the DIY type? Pop into the store and buy an already-made, custom decorated wreath from our designers!

Supplies you will need:
-Wreath form (can be found at your local craft store)
-Floral Clippers
-Paddle wire
-Moss and Greenery (Visit us in the shop for a bundle of fresh wintergreens!)
-Holiday embellishments (branches from your yard, ribbon, ornaments, dried oranges, etc)


Okay, Let’s Get Started!

Step ONE: Lay your wreath form on the table and decide how you want your design to look. Do you want all the same greens? Alternating greenery? Asymmetrical? It’s best to start with a clear vision so you can stay on track!


Step TWO: Cover your wreath form loosely with moss. This allows the wreath form to be covered and gives your wreath a little more stability. Wrap paddle wire around the moss to secure it in place.


Step THREE: Cut your greenery down into smaller pieces. Using the smaller sections of each variety of greenery, begin layering the greens together how you like them into a small bundle. Secure the bottom of the bundle with wire and lay aside. Depending on the size of your wreath, you will need about 15 bundles to adequately cover the wreath form.


Step FOUR: Lay your first bundle on the wreath with the stems pointing counter clockwise at a slight angle. Secure with the paddle wire. Repeat with each bundle, slightly layering each bundle on top of the last. This will create a “spiral” pattern in the wreath and hide the stems. 


Step FIVE: Remember that vision you had for your wreath? This is where the fun part comes in! Using wire or a hot glue gun, add your embellishments where you want them.


Step SIX: Leave your wreath laying on a flat surface for 3 days as it settles. Be sure to spritz it with water. After your wreath has set, hang up and enjoy!