Spring Flowers for Your Table!

As we leave the winter blues behind and jump into the newfound motivation that spring brings, we are HERE for all the brunch hosting, nights on the patio, Easter celebrations, and anything in between! We have the perfect mix of spring flowers that will make your table scape POP! Fresh cut flowers are a great way to welcome guests into your home and make take your vibe to the next level.

With the warm weather and nature blooming, spring brings a renewed sense of purpose, life, and energy! It’s the perfect time to host get togethers and have an excuse to make it “Pinterest-worthy!” Spring is the ideal time to lean into those creamy pastels, bright pops of color, and incorporate fun patterns like busy florals or classic stripes.

Whether it’s a girls brunch or a sweet Easter celebration with the family, start off by setting your table according to how many people you’ll be hosting. We’d suggest grabbing some blush pink plates, gold flatware, and some splashy floral napkins to start off. Grab some bright yellow cheesecloth (Amazon, your local hobby store, or make your own by dyeing it) to loosely drape down the center of your table. Next, grab whatever around your house that says “spring”. It could be a pink candle, blue basket, green ceramic bird…anything! Make it FUN and ECLECTIC! Space these items evenly over the cheesecloth, being careful to leave an empty space in the middle – this is where our SPRING FLOWERS come in!!!

If you’re a “do-it-yourself” kinda person, we’d love to equip you with everything you need to bring your spring flowers to life! Come by our shop and our expert designers will guide you in choosing the perfect blooms for your space. Remember those splashy floral napkins you used to set the table? Bring one along, and we will coordinate the flowers to match! At Amore Fiori, YOU get to be the designer by opening those cooler doors and choosing the stems you want! We’d suggest 5 yellow snap dragons, 3 white or blue hydrangeas, 5 pastel pink roses, 7 yellow daffodils, 10 assorted colors of tulips, and a handful of magenta ranunculus. Trust us, we could go on and on, but this is a GREAT starting point! Let our designers grab you a bundle of lush greens, and you’ll be on your way!

Once you’ve given your spring flowers a fresh cut and trimmed away any leaves that will fall below the waterline (this will create bacteria if left untouched), go ahead and start arranging! Grab your favorite spring vase, mason jar, or even a pitcher and fill with water. Begin to arrange your greens, being careful to not cut them too short. Start arranging your flowers in the container; we suggest starting with the hydrangeas…they will act as a nice “holding place” for your other blooms. Have fun and insert all the other flowers into the containers, spreading them out in varying heights. Once completed, put the flowers in the center of your table and admire your work! Your guests will LOVE the pops of color and the scent from your spring flowers.

If you’d rather save yourself the work, call us and let us know what you’re looking for! We would. LOVE to create a stunning spring arrangement for you. Maybe you’d even like some more arrangements sitting around your house for guests to enjoy? CALL US at 303-333-3848 or contact us here to discuss your vision. You can see our seasonal designs here!