Top 5 Flowers to Choose for Your Holiday Floral Arrangements


The holidays are on the way! This is certainly a gorgeous time of the year. Colors of red and green fill the world, the air is crisp, snow blankets the ground; how could you not enjoy the beauty that the season presents?

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A wonderful way to highlight the season even further is by creating lovely floral arrangements that complement the holidays! Especially if you are hosting a festive seasonal party.

We believe that every celebration should have lovely elements of décor! That’s why, here at Amore Fiori Flowers & Gifts, we have comprised the top five flowers that you could choose to showcase throughout your own holiday floral arrangements. If you would like to discover what they are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Poinsettias. When you think of holiday flowers, poinsettias most likely come to mind, as they are said to be the top blooms of the season. By adding poinsettias to your arrangements, you can complement the holidays beautifully with these powerful red blooms!
  • Amaryllis. The tall and graceful appearance that amaryllis flowers present will add a dash of elegance to your arrangements. This flowering plant showcases a vibrant red color that will be the perfect addition to any bouquet.
  • Roses. How could you not adore lovely roses? For your holiday arrangements, opt for white and reds. This is a wonderful way to add a dash of intricacy to your bouquets.
  • Lilies. White lilies are an ideal way to add some design to your floral arrangements! Unique in presentation, but showcasing nothing but elegance, you can ensure that your holiday flowers will be a beautiful focal point if lilies are utilized.
  • Hydrangeas. Add some abundancy to your holiday floral arrangements with white hydrangeas! They are the perfect filler flowers, and will allow your colorful blooms to stand out.

Your holiday floral arrangements deserve to make a statement among your tablescapes! These are just a few flowers that you should consider incorporating into your own bouquets.

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If you are all set to design your own holiday floral arrangements with a Denver florist, please get in touch with us here at Amore Fiori Flowers & Gifts. With years of experience creating lovely arrangements, we would be pleased to do so for you as well as your florist in Denver, Colorado.