Consider an Indoor Potted Bulb Garden This Season

Gardening is a gorgeous, fragrant, soothing pastime, which is why an indoor potted bulb garden should certainly be considered.

potted bulb garden

Outdoor gardening is of course beautiful, as it surrounds your home with lovely blooms. However, you can bring that beauty inside of your home with an indoor potted bulb garden.

An indoor potted bulb garden is a lovely way to continue gardening, but within a gorgeous container, while also having the freedom to move your blooms around your home as much as you would like.

Inspiring creativity with flowers is such an honor. That’s why, here at Amore Fiori Flowers & Gifts, we have gathered a few tips to help your own indoor potted bulb garden flourish. If you want to display your gorgeous blooms within your home this year, be sure to continue reading to discover more:

potted bulb garden

  • You must protect your flowers. While outdoors, your flowers risk freezing as well as wildlife, such as rodents, destroying them. However, indoors comes with its own risks for your plants. It is important to place your indoor potted bulb garden within an area that gets an adequate amount of sun, depending on the flowers you wish to plant. Locations near windows are ideal. Also, keep your pots away from heat sources, such as heaters or appliances, as this could wilt and dry out your blooms.


potted bulb garden

  • The right home for your bulbs. Finding the right home for you, your pets, and your children are all very important. The proper home allows you to flourish and live the best life possible. This is also true for your indoor potted bulb garden. The right pot and soil will work together to create a fitting home for your bulbs. To avoid damage or breaking, due to temperatures and expansion, a simple, flexible, plastic pot will work best. If you want a little more pizzazz for your pots, you can slip on a decorative cache. When searching for the right soil, try and find one that is porous and fast-draining for best results.

potted bulb garden

  • How to plant your bulbs. Proper planting is crucial, as they won’t be able to flourish if they are competing for sunshine, room, or water. Planting your bulbs in the ground requires a different method. So, when planting them in a pot instead, it’s important that they are in a position to blossom. For smaller pots, it’s best to plant your bulbs close together and in shallow soil. However, for larger pots that resemble more of a garden, such as a rooftop planter, it’s best to plant them according to standard depth and space recommendations. Know your planter, so that your bulbs can be planted for success.

An indoor potted bulb garden is a lovely and creative way to present your flowers. That’s why, here at Amore Fiori Flowers & Gifts, we want to help you adorn your home with fresh flowers. If you are ready to begin your own indoor potted bulb gardens, feel free to contact our Denver, Colorado florist today.


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