Celebrate Hanukkah through flowers!

Hanukkah is such a wonderful time of the year. Beginning the eve of December 25th, families gather round and join in the celebration of miracles and old traditions for 8 glorious days. From dreidels to candles, there are many enjoyable ways to celebrate this wonderful holiday. However, how can you decorate for such a special holiday? Celebrate Hanukkah through flowers!

Blue and white flowers will bring the holiday spirit into your home and will feel welcoming to your loved ones. As you and your family celebrate the miracles that blessed this world so many years ago, you can bring that element of celebration to your flowers.

Here at Amore Fiori Flowers & Gifts, we respect your beliefs and want you to be able to celebrate them to the fullest. That is why we have put together a few ways for you to celebrate Hanukkah through flowers.

Great ways to celebrate Hanukkah through flowers:

  • White lilies. Lilies are such an elegant flower. They symbolize the purity that Hanukkah celebrates. Lilies may come in different colors, but the white lilies work wonders for Hanukkah décor as it symbolizes innocence. The symbolism isn’t the only thing that meshes so well with the holiday, but the stunning design of the flower adds an appealing element to any floral arrangement.

  • White roses. When you are in love or want to express your love for someone, surely you indulge them with lovely roses. It is said that each color has a different meaning. These passionate flowers have been around for thousands of years and continue to bring joy to many happy souls. The white rose is perfect for your Hanukkah decorations as it also symbolizes spiritual love and purity.

  • Hydrangeas. These naturally spherical collection of blooms are wonderful for many arrangements. Not only do they come in white, but they also make an appearance in glorious blue. Following the pattern of white and blue symbolizing purity and spiritual love, the hydrangea can add a touch of blue to your home, giving you a well-rounded and aesthetically pleasing arrangement.

These flowers will add a unique method of celebration to your home and will definitely add a fresh and graceful element to your holiday. Here at Amore Fiori Flowers & Gifts, we want you to be able to celebrate Hanukkah with breathtaking blooms. If you are ready to start planning your Hanukkah arrangements, be sure to contact us today.