Choose the best graduation bouquet for your successful graduate!

Education is important – so it is only natural you feel proud of someone when they are graduating. Regardless of whether this is middle school, high school or college, you surely want to show your successful graduate just how great you feel about their accomplishment and how much you want to congratulate them.

Flowers are a truly wonderful way to do this. But how do you choose the best graduation bouquet? We have some suggestions to help you make the right choice – so read on if you want to find out more.


  • Bright and colorful can never fail. Not only are bold colors perfect for celebration and youth, but they are also a really great choice for male graduates too (as the colors are not very feminine and the bouquet is adequate for the occasion as well). Go for a really colorful bouquet of orchids, carnations or roses to show your appreciation and joy!


  • School colors are also a good choice. If your friend, kid or relative is graduating from a school with tradition, it is more than likely that they have a set of colors they identify with. Create a unique bouquet in the school colors to make the graduate feel even more proud of their accomplishment!


  • Leis are a more traditional, yet very meaningful option. Leis are traditionally offered when you want to congratulate someone on something they have achieved – such as graduating, for example. Made mostly from orchids (but from many other types of flowers too), leis can make the day feel even more celebratory and full of happiness.

If you are searching for a wonderful bouquet for graduation, come visit Amore Fiori and choose from the beautiful range of flowers we put at your disposal! We guarantee both you and the graduate will love our bouquet!



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