Top 10 Flowers to Choose for Your Winter Wedding

winter wedding

Are you planning a winter wedding? If so, you have made a spectacular choice! As winter weddings are absolutely stunning. The crisp air, beautiful snow, gorgeous red and green hues filling the world; winter is certainly a season to be adored!

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Seeing as winter presents its own appeal, you will certainly want your wedding flowers to complement the season!

Are you aware of which flowers would be best for your own winter wedding? If not, you are in luck, as here at Amore Fiori Flowers & Gifts, we have gathered the top ten flowers that you could choose for your own seasonal nuptials! If you are ready to gain some great insight, be sure to continue reading:

  • Roses. Topping the list, roses are always a romantic choice for a wedding! And, if you seeking to showcase a winter wonderland all-white presentation, opt for white ones. Or, for a more rich appeal, choose red.
  • Anemones. You can add a dreamy look to your big day with anemones this winter. These are a beautiful choice for adding a little pop of flair to your arrangements, as they pose as the perfect filler flowers.
  • Eucalyptus. Add some elegance to your winter floral arrangements with eucalyptus. The unique hue that these lovely flowers present showcase a frosted sense of style that would be the perfect complement to your seasonal big day.
  • Hydrangeas. Are you seeking to showcase some abundance throughout your wedding? If so, hydrangeas would be a fitting choice. These luxurious blooms will appear as snow throughout your floral arrangements, especially if chosen in white.
  • Mistletoe. Highlight a little love throughout your bouquets by incorporating mistletoe! This festive bloom would be the perfect choice for your holiday-themed wedding. A dash of greenery paired with red berries certainly creates a gorgeous combination.
  • Pinecones. While they aren’t flowers, pinecones pose as the perfect accent for adding some pizzazz to your winter wedding flowers! Their deep hue will allow the color of your flowers to pop throughout your bouquets. Pair them with deep greens, and you can create some show-stopping floral arrangements.
  • Succulents. Presented in a variety of shapes and sizes, each succulent is unique in its own way. These flowers will pose as a one of a kind, creative element of décor for your big day! Opt for dark green ones to complement the rich season of winter.
  • Poinsettias. What better way to complement your winter wedding than by showcasing the most popular seasonal bloom throughout your big day? Poinsettias, with their bold red color, will add a powerful sense of style to each arrangement they are placed within.
  • Amaryllis. Provide a lovely focal point throughout your winter floral arrangements by utilizing the lovely amaryllis! These little beauties will be the perfect accent floral to add a dash of romance and flair to your bouquets, especially if red ones are chosen.
  • Lilies. How could you not adore lilies? Don’t think that these blooms are only for spring or summer weddings, as white lilies are certainly an ideal choice for your winter nuptials! Unique in design, lilies will certainly add a winter-wonderland feel to your arrangements.

Your winter wedding will certainly be gorgeous if the right flowers are chosen! These are just a few of the top florals that you could choose to present for your own seasonal big day.

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If you are still on the hunt for a wedding florist in Denver, Colorado, please get in touch with us here at Amore Fiori Flowers & Gifts. As a Denver wedding florist, we would be honored to pair you with the best blooms for your big day.

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