More than just a pretty vase

Flowers: More than Just a Pretty Vase

Flowers serve many functions. They are a source of nectar bees use to make honey. Flowers are used to create to wonderful leis that welcome any visitor to the Hawaiian Islands. Delicate blooms represent the new life of spring and the fresh fragrance of the outdoors. Whether it is the wildflowers of Colorado or the blooms for the Roses parade, flowers surround us and serve many functions.



I can’t tell you how many times guests will walk    into the store and say “Ahhhhhhh- it smells so good in here”.  When you walk into a flower shop and observe the variety of colors and  shapes, it is easy to forget that flowers are more than just a product of their own. They are a source of aroma for many other products: candles, perfumes, body wash and incense. Natural remedies for common ailments find flowers at the center of their inspiration. Aromatherapy helps to soothe, relax and boost the immune system.  Try a few stems of lavender to calm the mind or a jasmine plant to reduce stress.


A more common function of flowers is to express any number of sentiments. A husband who finds himself in the “dog house” may use flowers to say, “I’m sorry.” At a funeral,  flowers express condolences. At a wedding,  they provide an atmosphere of celebration. Flowers are also an expression of admiration after a performance by dancers or actors in theatre.  Not to mention, certain flowers have certain meanings.  For instance-  if you want to say “I love you”,  a single RED rose will do the trick.


The roses in Pasadena, the columbines in the Rockies, the hibiscus in Hawaii and the cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C. draw the attention of nature lovers and tourists alike with their unique beauty. It is as though nature has decorated for the occasion. Flowers have also long been a primary component used to decorate for weddings, representing delicate beauty. Brides choose to carry floral bouquets down the aisle that is often a blanket of petals.

Nature indoors

Floral arrangements bring the beauty, life and fresh scent of nature indoors. It is only natural that flowers draw our attention; they were created to do so.  On a cold and dreary day, flowers fill a room with sunshine and smiles.

If you need a natural remedy for stress that doubles as a centerpiece, buy yourself flowers. If you want to communicate something too intense for words, give flowers. If you want to make someone’s day, have flowers delivered to their school, home or office.  They will love the surprise!