Poinsettia Care: Are you naughty or nice to Poinsettias?

Are you naughty or nice to poinsettias

Not only is Santa coming to town but so are poinsettias!  Whether you receive one or give one as a gift, knowing the proper care of your blossoming beauty will help it last long through the holiday!

Here are a couple of tips:

  • It’s a wrap!– Remove all packaging and sleeves once inside.  This allows free air flow around the whole plant, reduces humidity, prevents disease and allow in needed light
  • Baby it’s cold outside!  Monitor temperature They are highly susceptible to damage by chilling and never should  be exposed to temperatures below 50F.  Chilling-injury symptoms include- bluing or whitening of the bracts- usually appear within two days of exposure.  Plants should be maintained at 65-75F.
  • Oh sunny day! – Display them in high light (but not DIRECT light) and remove any lower leaves that have yellowed, browned or dropped.
  • Wet their whistle–  Keep the soil moist- Poinsettia are very sensitive and will not recover if allowed to wilt.  Check plants daily and water when the surface of the soil feels dry to touch.  Discard excess water in pot as plants left sitting in water may suffer root rot.

Follow this list and check it twice and your poinsettia will have a long lasting life!

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