The Symbolic Meanings of the Top Wedding Flowers

Seeing as flowers will be the most prominent feature of your wedding décor, you will certainly want to ensure that you plan yours to perfection!


After all, a once in a lifetime day deserves to showcase a one of a kind displays!

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However, in addition to choosing flowers based on their beauty, know that you can also select blooms based on their symbolization.

We believe that your wedding flowers should reflect both beauty and love! That’s why, here at Amore Fiori Flowers & Gifts, as Denver wedding florists, we have gathered the symbolic meanings of some of the top wedding flowers. If you would like to discover what these meanings are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Ranunculus

    Showcasing an intricate and unique appearance, ranunculus certainly are gorgeous. They are one of the top flowers chosen for weddings, and for good reason too! These lovely blooms are said to symbolize charm and attraction, which is exactly what you and your partner have for one another. So, they pose as the perfect complement to your big day!

  • Hydrangeas

    Abundant and elegant, hydrangeas are the perfect filler flowers for arrangements. However, know that they are beautiful on their own as well! These luxurious blooms symbolize both understanding and heartfelt emotions. Therefore, know that they would be wonderful flowers to highlight on your big day!

  • Roses

    The most popular wedding flower is said to be the lovely rose! These beautiful blooms are said to symbolize nothing but romance. If you would like to showcase intimacy throughout your big day, choose red roses, as they are said to be the “lover’s” rose. Or, opt for pink roses, which symbolize admiration and attraction.

With stunning floral arrangements, your big day is sure to shine! These are just a few blooms that you should choose to showcase throughout your own wedding.

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If you are ready to plan your own flowers with a wedding florist in Denver, Colorado, please get in touch with us here Amore Fiori Flowers & Gifts! We have a passion for creating of a kind displays, and would be pleased with the opportunity to develop yours.