Top 5 Essentials for the 2019-2020 School Year

Summer is winding down, and Denver schools are officially back in full swing! We believe back-to-school shopping should be anything but stressful, so we’ve stocked our shop with the trendiest essentials to make checking off your school list a breeze! From kids to tweens to teens (and hey, even adults too!), here are 5 of our “must haves” for this school year!

  1. Floral Notebooks
    • We know we may be biased, but hear us when we say that floral prints are IN. The three pack will help you stay organized with each class, plus you’ll look good doing it. 
  1. Pens & Pencils
    • You can’t go back to school without writing utensils! We’ve got the cutest pens and pencils in stock. Chances are if you let your classmate borrow one, they won’t want to give it back.
  1. Lunch Pails








    • Think outside the (lunch) box and snag this modern lunch pail. Not only will it carry all your goodies, but it will also be quite the conversation starter at the lunch table.


  1. Keychains & Pins
    • We think small details matter, which is why we love these keychains and pins! Add a little flair to your everyday by putting one on your backpack or gym bag.


  1. To-Do List
    • Between sports, extracurricular activities, classes, social life, and homework, it’s important to stay on top of your schedule! Hang your to-do list pad on the inside of your locker so you’ll never miss an assignment or a date.



Our back-to-school essentials wouldn’t be complete without a little something for the people that make school happen – the teachers! Give them a gift to show your appreciation and make a lasting impression. A potted plant or a flower arrangement are sure to make you an A+ student in their eyes!










Happy back-to-school shopping!