The Fall Floral Trend We’re Loving!

While we love pumpkins and mums for autumn just as much as everyone else, we are seeing some new trends that are putting a twist on traditional fall decor!

The trend that caught our eye? A gorgeous fall bouquet with fruit incorporated. Trust us on this one!

We’ve decided that fruit isn’t just for eating anymore – it can also be a beautiful addition to a bouquet of flowers! With its organic nature, it fits right in with the blooms while adding a touch of uniqueness to the design.

Stop by the shop to grab your favorite blooms, and follow these steps to create your own beautiful bouquet with added fruit for the perfect autumn mix!


Stop by Amore Fiori and hand-select the blooms you’d like to have in your arrangement. We’ve got a cooler full of beautiful flowers that YOU can choose! Our advice is to choose a few larger blooms to make a statement, some taller stems foradded height, and smaller blooms or filler flower to fill out the arrangement. Ask our designers for some greens to put with it, and you’re ready to roll!


Stop by the grocery store and snag some produce. Don’t get too caught up in everything being perfect – have fun with it! Grab an orange, an artichoke, a head of kale, a pear…whatever you want! Our favorite is a pomegranate or a fig!

Select a vase and fill it with your greens and filler flower. It’s okay to have it a little wild looking – it will just add to the fruit and make a beautiful end result!

Stick a wooden skewer through the produce you’re using and secure it with clear tape. Don’t worry – it won’t show!

Start sticking the produce in at random. Avoid the arrangement looking too overdone by choosing 2-3 pieces of produce that make a statement. Remember, the fruit is the main event here, so let it shine!


Fill in the arrangement with your larger blooms and taller stems to complete your design. Adjust each stem as necessary.

We recommend adding some fruit sitting on your countertop around the base of the vase. It will really add to the whole look while keeping the arrangement as the focus.