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5280 chocolates Chocolate truffles

Chocolate is the ultimate comfort food! Not only do we love the taste, but chocolate chemically makes us fall in love with it by providing us with those pesky endorphins that just make our heart happy. Chocolate is there for us even when we do not feel like anyone else is, and not only does chocolate comfort us in our times of need, but it has also been used for healing, improving moods and even a private use that makes us blush…an aphrodisiac.

With all of the great uses of chocolate, now all that is left to do is to choose which tasty kind appeases your cravings. There are so many choices, so it is certainly easy to become overwhelmed with chocolatey goodness. Obviously, there are chocolates that will be your cup of tea, ones that will satisfy your sweet cravings, and luckily, here at Amore Fiori, we have a large selection of quality 5280 Chocolates that are sure to please your taste buds, so be sure to continue reading to learn about some of our favorites:

5280 Chocolates at Amore Fiori


  • Sea salt caramels. That delicious caramel has weaseled its way into all of our favorite candies, and for good reason too. Although caramels are not exclusively chocolate, we do offer tasty sea salt caramels, coated in a delectable, gourmet chocolate and then sprinkled with the perfect amount of sea salt. You can enjoy that delicious caramel as it perfectly blends with the sweet chocolate, and then gather a hint of sea salt, providing a scrumptious blend of salty and sweet.


  • Almond butter toffee. When you think toffee, you may think about grandma’s classic, homemade toffee that she graciously makes for the whole family on the holidays. Although your grandmother’s toffee surely is delicious, our toffee can definitely hold its own when compared. By combining the perfect amount of creamy milk chocolate and dreamy dark chocolate, along with a mix of heavenly crunchy, almond butter toffee, you can sink your teeth into pure delectable goodness.

From salted caramels to peanut boulders, 5280 chocolates are sure to leave a memorable impression. Here at Amore Fiori, we wish to fulfil your life with happiness, with everything from chocolates to flowers, so be sure to contact us today to grab yourself or a friend a wonderful treat.


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