Wedding decorations: The latest centerpiece trends

wedding decorations

They say that a house is not a home, that a home is where your heart is. Well, although that may be true, you have probably made your house into your home, and your heart is in it. You have a cozy home where memories are created every day, and each one is even more precious than the last. When you are creating a grand wedding event, you will probably want to add a wow factor to your tables with these wedding decorations.

A great way to really wow your loved ones and guests within your décor is to add trendy centerpieces to your tables. Seeing as flowers can accentuate any space, creating a centerpiece to highlight them is an idea way to provide an extra flair to your setting, and, Amore Fiori has gathered the top tips to creating beautiful and trendy centerpieces, so be sure to continue reading for some great inspiring wedding decorations:

Floral Centerpieces as Wedding Decorations


  • Low centerpieces. If you are partial to a full looking décor or décor that reaches all the way around your table, low-set centerpieces are certainly a great option. You can bring out your favorite, unique shaped short glasses or containers, grab a handful of your go-to blooms and uniquely arrange them, shortly cut, for a sophisticated appearance. And, the best part is that you can see right over these beauties, allowing you and your guests to easily communicate with one another without wedding decorations in the way. Also, you can even throw some candles in between them or a tall centerpiece in the center of your table to really add a contrasting effect.


  • Lines of flowers. There are some people who have a flair for a dramatic appearance, and creativity loves them for it. You can go bold and beautiful with a line of flowers, reaching from one end of the table to the other, creating a row of beautiful blooms where every seat has their own individual viewing of the gorgeous flora. Creating a long row of beautiful flowers and greenery and then mixing in votive candles can create a wonderful floral table runner, great for that dramatic depth that you have been seeking. Also, you can even choose to make an entire row of low-set centerpieces, without skipping any seats, for a full floral line.
  • Floating florals. If you would rather develop a serene and sophisticated centerpiece, we have just the trendy style for you, floating florals! Filling your favorite glass container with water and adding a beautiful, eye-catching bloom creates a poised, elegant centerpiece that communicates a classic-chic appeal. Also, consider adorning your centerpiece with a floating candle, which is a great way to light up your flowers and add some warmth to your atmosphere.

So, no matter the occasion, adding a beautiful, trendy centerpiece to your home or event can bring a liveliness and a spark of passion to your atmosphere. Here at Amore Fiori, we dedicate every ounce of effort into your floral arrangements, creating each bloom to be particularly placed for a personally stunning outcome, so be sure to contact us today to begin planning your wedding decorations with flowers.

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