As a bride, allow your style to shine through within your wedding flowers

bride style wedding flowers

Each woman has a personality that is all her own, from the way she talks, to the way she walks, she is unique to this world and she should definitely show her individuality throughout her wedding flowers.

Being a bride is of course a wonderful feeling, but it can also consume you with large amounts of stress due to the wedding planning. You want every aspect of your big day to be special, and there is no better way to create intimacy than by allowing your style as the bride to come about within your floral arrangements.

With a variety of styles, it is almost impossible to choose just one option for your overall wedding décor. From bold and beautiful, to natural and elegant, you have an array of options, all of which personally have great flower choices to accompany them. When deciding on your blooms for your big day, take into consideration your style as the bride to find out which flowers are a great option for you:

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  • Traditional. A traditional bride is often considered a “classic”, or a clean-cut woman with a simple elegance. Opt for trimmed and tailored floral arrangements that are also tightly packed and symmetrical, these will accompany your personality in a truly sophisticated way.
    • Traditional flowers for the classic bride are a must, here are the top 3 options:
      • Peonies – Pastels will be a perfect color choice for these beauties.
      • Calla Lilies – White is a great clean-cut color.
      • Hydrangeas – Shades of blue offer a timeless look of elegance.

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  • Spontaneous. Are you a woman of spontaneity? Fun with a lovingly care-free persona? Then you should choose flowers that represent your playfulness. Go for more unstructured arrangements, a view that can come off as “relaxed” to best accompany your free-spirited trait.
    • Allow your choice of flowers to “flow in the wind”, just as you do. Here are the top 3 choices:
      • Dahlias – Shades of orange and yellow will best reflect your brightness.
      • Orchids – Pink offers as a bubbly color choice.
      • Delphiniums – Blue hues will resemble your flowing spirit

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  • Trendy. Do you follow all of the latest trends and present yourself as a fashionable lady? Then you are most likely a modern bride. Create flower arrangements that are sleek and clean, straight-forward and sophisticated.
    • You are bold and beautiful, and this should definitely be showcased at your wedding with one-of-a-kind flowers. Take a look at these top 3 options:
      • Ranunculus – Choose yellow or white to reflect a clean and fresh appeal
      • Anemones – Red is a perfect color to adorn your fashionable look
      • Poppies – White will portray a bold elegance with a touch of class

Planning a wedding can be stressful as there are so many decisions to make, simple tasks can become incredibly overwhelming. However, when it comes to your wedding flowers, we want to ensure you have a stress-free experience as Amore Fiori is dedicated to creating gorgeous flower arrangements customized just for you. Be sure to contact us today so we can begin planning your beautiful flowers regardless of which type of event you are having.




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