Easter Flowers are a constant reminder of the beauty of spring!

With almost no warning, spring has arrived. With the arrival of this season, people all over celebrate the Easter holiday. Really, spring and Easter go hand in hand. Spring is the time of new life, shown in the form of blossoming trees, blooming flowers and baby animals. It is no wonder we choose spring time to celebrate Easter. What better time is there to fill your home or the home of a loved one with beautiful Easter flowers? Gorgeous arrays of Easter flowers scattered around the house are a constant reminder of the beauty of new, fresh life!

The award for the most popular spring flower,  no doubt,  goes to the Easter lily. The most noted color around Easter time is the white lily. White of course symbolizes purity but the flower comes in other colors as well! Imagine your Easter dinner table donned with a bouquet featuring all white lilies!

Daffodils are another beautiful spring flower that add a pretty look to Easter celebrations. The inner bell of this flower is surrounded by 6 beautiful leaves. Maybe you are planning a wedding. When it comes to bridal bouquets Denver, daffodils can be a great addition. Choosing daffodils as the theme flower for your wedding is a beautiful way to tie in the beauty of spring

With their cute tea cup shape, tulips are another great choice for Easter time. Coming in a vast array of color shades, tulips can add fun and color to your Easter celebration. Another way to incorporate tulips into the holiday this year is to have them sent to your friends and loved ones. There is no doubt your loved ones day will be cheered up buy receiving a colorful bouquet of tulips at their doorstep! Bringing a colorful bouquet of tulips into work is sure to brighten everyone’s day and spread around the excitement that spring is in the air!

The hyacinth is no exception when it comes to beautiful Easter flowers. For many people, this flower often becomes a center piece for the table on which the Easter meal will be served. Blooming early on in spring, the Hyacinth represents the resurrection or new life. Also blooming in a wide variety of colors, this flower adds a beautiful color pallet to Easter festivities.

Known as “the royalty of the garden”, azaleas are a great gift to give during Easter. Azaleas come in a variety of colors as well as many different types. Treat yourself to an azalea plant or give them to someone you love this Easter.

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