Hooray for Spring!

Popular Spring Flowers and their Meanings

When thinking about spring, one of the first pictures I see in my mind are those little green buds that peep through the ground heralding the arrival of the long awaited spring. These cute little green buds then bloom into a cheerful array of blossoms. This is a wonderful time to celebrate a new and fresh beginning.  Spring flowers are a wonderful way to express your heart-felt love, appreciation or gratefulness to someone. Or, you may just be the one that needs a little cheering up; treat yourself to a bouquet of fragrant spring flowers and set them in your home to remind you of the promise of a bright future!



One of spring’s most popular and well known flowers is the daffodil. Known for its yellow and white beautiful design the flower bulbs can be planted in fall. When spring arrives these beauties spring up from the ground announcing to the entire world that the long winter is over and spring has finally arrived. Besides their well renowned symbol of spring, daffodils represent chivalry. A wonderful cut flower that will brighten any bouquet.


Coming in shades of white, purple, yellow and lavender, the Crocus is another one of springs beautiful announcers, peeping through the ground in the earliest days of spring. These brawny perennials have been known to symbolize cheerfulness, riches and preciousness.  Not usually used as a cut flower but work well in decorated bulb garden.



Standing anywhere from 4 to 28 inches high the tulip is an expression of extravagance. They are an extremely popular spring perennial whose bulbs are planted in fall. Of all the beauties of spring, the Tulip is no exception as it peeps up through the ground and blooms into a beautiful flower. The tulip comes in a vast range of colors and a perfect addition to any floral arrangement





The Iris is a gorgeous spring flower showing off its beauty in a variety of species. Colors range from crisp white to soft lavender and deep purple.  They are known to symbolize faith and wisdom.


The Hyacinth is popularly displayed in an attractive purple color but comes in other colors as well. The purple hyacinth is known as a flower that tells someone you are sorry. Do you need to make up with someone? Their fragrance alone is captivating and their beauty contributes to spring time in an admirable way.  use these beautiful blooms when you want a long-lasting arrangement.

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