Rose Colored Glasses: The Meaning of Rose Colors

When it comes to gifts for Valentine’s Day , of course the first thing that pops into most people’s heads is flowers.  Valentine’s day is by far the most popular flower delivery day throughout the world, and for good reason. Ordering flower delivery in Denver is an easy way to show your love and appreciation for not only your sweetheart, but also your family, friends, and anyone else you would like to send a little token of affection to.

Almost everyone would agree the most popular type of Valentine’s flowers are roses, as they are the universal sign of love and affection.  However, you may not know the special meaning behind some other popular flowers, all of which have beautiful meanings and translations perfect for Valentine’s day.

ROSES:  The meaning of the color of a rose lets you know which to get for your mother and which for your lover 😉

Red:   Whether this is love born of beauty, fire, or courage, red is the color to have.   Red roses are the traditional symbol for love and romance, and a time-honored way to say “I love you.” The red rose has long symbolized beauty and perfection. The deeper the red, the deeper the meaning. Dark reds show a charitable love while brighter reds reveal devoted passion.   A bouquet of red roses is the perfect way to express your deep feelings for someone special.

Pink:  Whereas red is the color of deep and abiding love, pink is red’s youthful counterpart. The meaning of pink roses is one of innocent happiness. Use pink when the meaning of your flowers needs a buoyant touch.  As a symbol of grace and elegance, the pink rose is often given as an expression of admiration. Pink roses can also convey appreciation as well as joyfulness. Pink rose bouquets often impart a gentler meaning than their red counterparts

Yellow: The bright, sunny color of yellow roses evokes a feeling of warmth and happiness. The warm feelings associated with the yellow rose are often akin to those shared with a true friend.  As such, the yellow rose is an ideal symbol for joy and friendship.


Gerbera Daisies (often referred to as simply Gerber daisies) are the fifth most popular flower in the world, and make for beautiful, colorful, meaningful blooms for Valentine’s day.   They are often thought to have the meaning of  innocence, loyal love, faith.   Additionally known for cheerfulness, these daisy blooms are available in a wide range of colors, including pink, yellow, white, and red.  In bloom year round, daisies are beautiful to include a bursting bouquet of bright, unique flowers, or even as stand alone flowers.


The most highly coveted of ornamental plants, the delicate, exotic and graceful orchid represents luxury and beauty. It has the ability to grow anywhere and has the resistance power to bloom under any condition, that also makes it a symbol of love. Due to its external display it is also a symbol of strength.

Flower choices are a very personal matter to most, and finding the types of flowers you know your loved one would love and cherish is the first step.  Nothing can ruin a Valentine’s day faster than putting no thought into the choice of flowers, and simply ordering the least expensive bouquet or flowers you ‘think’ she may like.  Imagine the look on your sweethearts face as she receives a delivery from a Denver florist featuring stunning roses, colorful gerbera daisies or exotic orchids and understands at that moment just how much thought you put into ordering her the most beautiful collection of flowers ever.

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