Halloween Flower Arrangements for Fun and Fright

Create Creepy Halloween Arrangements with Flowers

Halloween is a fun time of year. There are ghosts, goblins, witches, and more everywhere you turn. Why not bring that fun into your home with Halloween floral arrangements? They are easy to make, especially with the help of a passionate florist!  The following are some ideas you may want to use.

halloween arrangement

Icky Spider Roses

Cream roses placed in a black vase with little plastic spiders stuck all over them will definitely do the “trick”  You may even want to tie a string to one of the spiders and have it hang off one of the flowers. If you’re able to find black snakes, they can cause quite a fright when stuck in between the roses.



Dusty Cobweb Roses of Death

Arrange red roses, carnations, and other deep red flowers in a dark colored vase. Drape cobweb cotton material across them to make it seem as though they’ve been sitting there for years.






Spooky Dark Flowery Bouquet

A popular flower centerpiece for Halloween is one that has deep dark red, burgundy, and green flowers and leaves. Large flowers are better

because they give off a more dramatic look. Add an antique looking vase to the bouquet and you have the perfect Halloween floral bouquet.



alternative-flower-arrangements-1[1]Pumpkin Floral Arrangement

A carved pumpkin with a glass vase placed inside is perfect for a centerpiece. After the pumpkin is hallowed out add the vase and place deep red and purple flowers inside of it. This look mixes the fall harvest with the eeriness of Halloween.

Bonus tip: You can get a great Halloween look by asking for flowers sprayed with glitter. It’s even more dramatic when you pair it with black flowers.

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