How to Creatively Show Your Love on Anniversaries

Summer is the time for weddings so that means time for anniversaries too!  For wedding anniversaries, couples are most likely stop and reflect how far they’ve come since they exchanged their vows. If you’re about to celebrate one of these hallmarks, consider showing your love and appreciation with some creative flair.

Anniversary Traditions

For hundreds of years, couples have celebrated their anniversaries in many ways. Traditions have come up that seem to stick across generations. Some of these traditions are giving a gift with a certain quality to it. For example, many couples give paper for their first anniversary, cotton for their second, and leather for their third.

For the most special anniversaries, couples have given wood for the 5th, tin or aluminum for the 10th, and crystal for the 15th. But they aren’t just giving their loving spouse a 2×4, a tin can, or a crystal necklace, they are becoming more creative with it. Many of them are incorporating the traditional gift in flower arrangements.

How to be Creative with Floral Arrangements

For a 5th anniversary, in which you want to incorporate wood, you may want to consider what the flowers will be placed in. Some couples choose a wood vase, which has a plastic inlay to keep the water inside of it. Other couples choose to place a branch, a piece of bark, or carved wooden object in the arrangement. A florist can create an impressive floral arrangement with wood. If you can’t think of anything spectacular, don’t be shy to ask about it. Many times, florists know exactly what you want to do.


For a 10th anniversary, tin and aluminum are what you want to include in a floral arrangement. Just as you did with the wood, you can place flowers in a tin or aluminum vase with a plastic inlay. You could also choose a vase made of glass, but has metal accents. Vintage tins are super popular right now and galvanized market buckets have summery feel!


For a 15th anniversary, crystal is customary, and it’s of course, the easiest to incorporate into a floral arrangement. You can be super traditional and have a dozen red roses designed in a crystal vase. How about bringing  in your own crystal vase that you received as a wedding gift and have your florist recreate your wedding flowers or colors.  Tiny vintage crystal vase with the cutest little arrangements make a beautiful display.

anniversary flowers crystal

What About the Flowers?

When creating an arrangement, you may wonder what would be the best flowers to go along with the traditional gift. Think of colors as you decide. For instance, for a 5th anniversary, soft yellows, pinks, and whites go well with the wood color. For the 10th anniversary tin/aluminum, darker, more striking colors would go well with it such as red roses, sunflowers or purple lizianthus. Finally, for the 15th anniversary, premium flowers such as roses, orchids and peonies are perfect.

Design a Creative Floral Arrangement Today

With this information, you can now design a floral arrangement you’ll love to give to your spouse of 5, 10, or 15 years. It’s even possible to order flowers online. Denver florist Amore Fiori would be happy to accommodate customers across the nation.

Send your sweetie the very best this anniversary with wedding anniversary flower from Denver florist,  Amore Fiori.  We know she’ll be impressed with your creativity, and captivated by the love you’ve shown in such a thoughtful gift.

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