Summer Wedding Trends 2013


Summer is approaching and love is in the air. This season is one of the most popular times of year to have a wedding. Each year, weddings change. There are certain wedding trends that come up every year that are unique from the years before it. In 2013, the summer wedding trends are just as exceptional. To help you come up with the wedding of your dreams, here are the latest wedding trends of this year.

bridal bouquet 3Bright Colors

It’s not all about soft colors for this summer. Brides want bright, hot colors. They are choosing hot pinks, greens, and blues. The bridesmaid dresses are shocking in color, and the bouquets that will go with them will be just as provocative.

Soft, Relaxing Music

While many people think of the traditional wedding music during the ceremony and reception, brides are starting to look towards other types. This summer you’ll hear wedding music that is much more laid back. Think of the music you’d hear during a cocktail hour at a party.

Creative Themes

Brides are choosing new, interesting themes for their weddings this summer. They may choose a garden, carnival, or mountain theme. While some brides will only use a few decorations, others will use as many as they can to bring out the theme they have chosen as much as possible. The new themes are also making a landfall in Denver. Since many people love to ski in the state, they are choosing the mountain theme. Some love camping, so they are bringing some camping aspects into their wedding. It’s your wedding, so you can do whatever you want to do with it.

fruity centerpiece

Fruity Centerpieces

Flowers have always been the popular choice for centerpieces, but brides are adding something more to them with fruit. Some are throwing in some oranges, while others are bringing in the tropical theme by adding in pineapples.

What Will You Do?

Now that you know what brides are doing this summer for their wedding, what will you do? You have so many options when it comes to a wedding in the summer that you can create anything you can think of. If you need help, just think about what you and your fiancé love about life. Take aspects of the things you both love and bring them together into your wedding.

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