Wedding Flowers: 3 Things to Know When Choosing Your Bouquet

wedding flowers

You will walk down the aisle, vow your love and life to another person, and you will even honor a tradition, all with your bridal bouquet. It certainly plays a huge role within your wedding, which is why we take so much pride in helping you find the best wedding flowers and arranging them to be unique to you and your wedding!

Planning the perfect bridal bouquet is a must for any bride. From dreamy, cascading bouquets to tight nosegays, you will certainly want your blooms to be stunning for your nuptials.

There are three key things that every bride must know when designing her bouquet. If you want to feature a stunning bouquet for your wedding day, you should consider:

  • Find your inspiration: Your wedding day is filled with many details that can provide great inspiration for your bouquet. From traditions such as henna, smashing of porcelain dishes, or even wedding parasols, these fun elements will help you add a personal touch to your bouquet.
    • Try succulents: For a unique appeal, consider incorporating succulents within your bridal bouquet. These intricate beauties will add an earthy appeal to your bouquet.
  • The shape of your bouquet. When you begin choosing the best shape for your bouquet, you will be met with an array of choices, such as cascading, pomander, or even composite. This shape will play greatly into the style of your bouquet. If you are having a simple wedding, a simple shape will greatly complement it. If you are having an elegant wedding, a more complex and intriguing bouquet will complement your feel.
    • Try an embraceable bouquet: If you are seeking an elegant appearance, consider bold flowers that make a statement all on their own, such as peonies, ranunculus or hydrangeas!
  • The little details and stems: Every little detail works hard to help form the overall image. Your stems and the accents within your bouquet will help create the bridal image you are trying to achieve!
    • Try roses: Your wedding bouquet can represent a traditional and elegant appearance if roses are incorporated within it! After all, they are a gorgeous bloom that never fails to offer intricate beauty.

Your bridal bouquet will not only accompany you throughout your ceremony, but for parts of your reception as well. Therefore, it should be stunning! Here at Amore Fiori Flowers & Gifts, we can help you design your Denver wedding flowers. If you are still seeking a Denver, Colorado florist, please contact us today.