Condolence Flowers: What You Need to Know

condolence flowers

Sometimes life isn’t always kind to us. We may make our way through life, enjoying every accomplishment, reveling in the great experiences and making the most out of every opportunity we have. However, there are bound to be instances that will leave us hurting. While you may not be suffering a loss, perhaps someone you are close to is. Loss can be devastating, which is why we completely understand how important it is to comfort those around you. We know condolence flowers won’t heal the wounds, but they can certainly help to add some brightness to such a dark time.

That’s why, here at Amore Fiori Flowers & Gifts, we have put together a few tips that you should be aware of when giving condolence flowers. If someone you care for is experiencing a great hardship, condolence flowers can be a nice way to show you care. At Amore Fiori, we offer:

  • Freshly cut sympathy bouquet: You can arrive at the ceremony with a freshly cut sympathy bouquet. It will provide soothing scents that will comfort those in pain, and can even be placed upon the burial. We love the whimsy that these bouquets present, as they showcase such simplistic elegance for a heartfelt occasion. We have the perfect bouquet for this event:
    • Always Remembered Bouquet: You can share your deepest sympathies with our Always Remembered Bouquet. You can provide a colorful symbol of life with the bouquet of purple tulips, blue delphinium, lavender mini calla lilies, purple carnations, and green hydrangeas. Your loved ones will certainly appreciate this gorgeous gesture.
  • A thoughtful wreath: Planning a funeral can really take a toll on those that are grieving. You can send a thoughtful wreath that will make a wonderful addition to the memorial service. White is a lovely choice for a wreath as it symbolizes purity, and we have the perfect one to showcase just that:
    • Treasured Tribute Wreath: You can offer your deepest sympathies with a lovely display of white roses, Asiatic lilies, mini carnations, and cushion poms, beautifully arranged within our Treasured Tribute Wreath, to showcase the love and admiration for those who are grieving.
  • Potted plant delivery to their home: If your loved one is not up to the task of hosting people, you can still express your sympathy with a stunning potted plant delivery. We feel that presenting some color is a great way to brighten up a dreary time, and we have the perfect potted plant to hold up to the task:
    • Vibrant Sympathy Planter: Our Vibrant Sympathy Planter will bring a captivating view of blossoming pink azaleas. It will certainly brighten up their home and serve as a wonderful memory of the loved one that they lost.

You don’t have to let someone you care about suffer alone. You can show that you are there for them and offer your deepest sympathies with one of these lovely blooms. At Amore Fiori Flowers & Gifts, as a Denver florist, we can assist you in creating the best blooms for any occasion. If you are looking for the perfect condolence flowers, please be sure to contact us today.