Fresh, locally grown flowers just graced our shop from Colorado Flower Collective!

Colorado Flower Collective is a group of local growers committed to providing freshet flowers to florists all around Colorado.

From Colorado Flower Collective’s Website…

“It’s time to re-establish our connection to the grower and experience flowers with scent and soul, the way nature intended. Local farming grants us access to delicate and heirloom varieties that are less widely available, while cutting out a major chunk of the waste produced from imports. In the same vein as the slow food movement, we believe it’s important to know that your flowers are being grown with sustainable practices and the people who bring them to you are being treated fairly and paid a living wage.

By building relationships with local growers, we encourage them to persevere in this challenging vocation and we gain more appreciation for seasonal flowers and foliage. Buy some dahlias fresh from the field and I guarantee you’ll be anxiously anticipating August along with those local growers next year.”

Amore Fiori loves being able to support local growers while providing the freshest flowers to our customers.

Check out what we have in stock this week!


Snap Dragons always make an appearance in our shop every week, and you’ll see them in a lot of our arrangements. These chantilly snap dragons from CFC have soft ruffled edges in beautiful sunset tones.


Although this flower is a great accent to any floral arrangement, we think our Yarrow from CFC is a show stopper, which is why we plan to use it as the main event in our designs!


Scabiosas symbolize purity and love, and we are so excited to have these charming flowers in from CFC. They come in a variety of different colors, but we chose this blue lavender color as a beautiful accent to the summer color palette we have in the store currently.


You’ll usually find Godetia growing in a beautiful country garden, but its presence has graced our coolers! We have this gorgeous bloom available in salmon and pink. Don’t miss it while it’s here!

Come by the shop to hand select your own blooms for a gorgeous custom hand-tied bouquet! Our designers can arrange the perfect thing just for you!