A Mother’s Day Tale: How could I forget Mother’s Day?

As Mother’s Day approaches, the Amore Fiori team is planning, preparing, and readying for one of the biggest holidays in the floral industry. You would think with Mother’s Day on the brain and all around me, there would be no way I ever could forget my own mother. How could I?Mother's Day Gift

That is exactly what happened the very first Mother’s Day at Amore Fiori. Seven years ago, I had this crazy idea to open a flower shop. Not only was I spending my life savings in the process, but I was leaving a very stable job of thirteen years to do it. Jokingly, I told my mom and dad if the store failed, I would have to come live with them in Florida as I would be both jobless and broke.  That’s when they said, “Well, why don’t we come to Denver and help you open store?”  I’m not sure they were too keen on the idea of me moving back with them.  So they came to Denver for the grand opening and our first Valentine’s Day – good thing they are retired.

There are lots of other funny stories from the first couple months in business.  My mom and dad were our first delivery drivers, which is kind of scary since my dad didn’t know Denver and my mom can’t read a map.  One of my favorite memories is when my mom got stuck in someone’s garage when she thought the garage opener was a doorbell.  Not only did they do deliveries, my mom cleaned my house, made dinners, and kept the shop very tidy.  They were a great help and I could not have done it without their support, love and support.

Much to my pleasing, they decided to come back later that year to help during Mother’s Day.  Again, I can’t tell you how great it was to have my mom here as the first Mother’s Day was very scary.  I had no idea of what to expect, except that it would be crazy.  And, it was crazy.  I was so busy taking care of getting flowers out to all the other mom’s, I completely forgot about my own mom.  How could I?

I felt like dirt when my dad came back from church and told me all the moms were wearing beautiful corsages at mass.  I wanted to die.  I have forgotten her after all the help and support she had given me not only that year, but all the years of my life.  How could I?

Now, before all the Mother’s Day hoopla starts at Amore Fiori, I make sure to take care of my own mom.  Her name is Jane and she is a mother of 5 (who were all born within 4 yrs-I think they call that perma-pregnant).  She raised all of us to be honest, hard-working, loving, and thoughtful people.  I get my “somewhat” cleanliness habit, handwriting, and drawing from her.  When people say my sisters and I look like my mom, we usually laugh.  Inside we are smiling as she is a beautiful woman!

So, the moral of the story?  Regardless of how busy our lives are, we need to take a deep breath, live in the moment, and show those important members of our lives how much they mean to us – especially our moms.

Mother’s Day Sunday May 9th

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