Ideas for a Vintage Inspired Wedding

During my floral consultations, I always ask a bride what she would like the look and feel of her wedding to be.  In the past,   I would get answers like – “simple elegance” or “classic elegance”.  Recently when I ask the question,   I am more and more hearing “Vintage”.  There are variations to this though.  Brides are wanting -“Rustic Vintage”, “Modern Vintage”  “Retro Vintage”.  All of these vintage inspirations have so many clever little details that can truly make your wedding unique.

A few ideas :

When working with your florist, ask them to incorporate an antique piece of jewelry into your bouquet.  How meaningful to have a piece from a mother or grandmother included in your bouquet.   Vintage inspired hairpiece can always be adorned with a few flowers for a fresh look to a vintage piece.

Eclectic vessels will always give that vintage feel to florals.  Whether it is rustic, like the birch covered container or retro, like the vintage paper covered containers, you can create a look of old times past.  Antique milk glass vases will certainly do the trick .  Have your florals created with soft pastels and neutrals.  They are the perfect colors to create this look!

Here antique silver vessels had been collected by the bride and her mom.  Using soft pink roses with ivory hydrangea, freesia and lizianthus, we created a collection of different pieces for each table.  Fresh blueberries added a unique touch to each fo the pieces.

I love this style!  It has been fun creating new ideas and designs for each bride’s unique vintage look that seems to be popular right now!

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