Tips and Ideas for Wedding Aisle Flowers and Décor

Wedding Aisle Flowers – Double Duty

A fantastic way to make the most out of your wedding flowers is to incorporate your ceremony and aisle decorations into the reception.  This is a great reuse of your wedding florals, especially if your ceremony and reception are in the same location. Here, the first picture the vases of submerged orchids with a floating candle make your aisle illuminate and then can easily be reused as a centerpiece for each table. In the second photo, the arrangement that was tied to the chairs can be placed into a vase for centerpieces by your florist. Other aisle décor that is already in a container, such as the third photo, just needs to be reset to the guest tables. Use larger decorations to adorn the head table or stand next to other tables, such as the gift or food tables. When planning your aisle décor, think of ways that you can reuse those pieces and work with your florist to create a piece that will have a dual purpose.

Wedding Aisle Flowers – Patterned Petals

I love this look!  Make a real impact with this new trend of patterned aisle petals.  Make sure to use colors that will contrast the ground for the greatest impact.  Create your own design or even a monogram.

If you are planning a wedding this year, check out our portfolio at Amore Fiori and let us show you how we can incorporate these ideas into your wedding!

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  1. Thank you for sharing my cathyswraps double-duty vases with your readers. The green and white polka dot vase is specially designed to be used as aisle decorations one minute and reception centerpieces the next. Our goal is to help bride and grooms maximize the wedding budget.

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