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That delicious confectionery that we all know and love, which also adds the perfect amount of sweetness to many of our favorite treats, is caramels and caramel sauces! Caramel comes in many different forms, forms that can complement so many of the tasty desserts we love, such as the soft and chewy candies, to the delectable sauces. Even though the makeup of caramel is simple, the taste is far from boring, as caramels come in an array of flavorful goodness.

Here at Amore Fiori, we sell deliciously crafted caramels and caramel sauces, and the best part is, they are made local, right here in Colorado, by a wonderful company known as Hellimae’s! Knowing what goes into the food that you eat is important, and you can rest easy knowing that Hellimae’s caramels and sauces are only created with the best-quality butter and cream and cane sugar, for a simple, yet tasty treat!

Along with consuming a perfectly homemade caramel or caramel sauce, you can have comfort in knowing that you are strengthening the economic community by purchasing from an independent, local business, rather than a chain store. Did you know that each dollar that you spend at a locally owned business returns 3 times more money to your local economy than one spent at a chain store? It is true!

Learn about some of our Hellimae’s caramels and sauces that we carry:


  • Caramel sauce. Caramel sauce can be described as one of the most divine treats. Thick, creamy and delicious, caramel sauce pairs wonderfully with an array of treats. From topping ice cream to being incorporated within apple pie, you can find caramel sauce hidden within luscious desserts, or standing out as the most prominent flavor. The best part about caramel sauce is that you are not limited with its use, and it can certainly be incorporated within any recipe you choose.


  • Salted caramels. Simply put, salted caramel is a caramel candy topped with sea salt. However, salted caramel deserves a lot more than simplicity. For those that have a hard time choosing between pleasing their sweet tooth or choosing a luring salty treat, consider salted caramels, as they will satisfy both needs. So kick back and unwrap a few of those salted caramel candies, enjoy some salted caramel blondies and dig in to that salted caramel corn, allowing your refined palate to be pleased.


  • Espresso caramels. Sometimes you need that perfect little wake me up of sweet, delectable energy, and this can certainly happen if you pop an espresso caramel in your mouth. As you enjoy your espresso caramel, do not seem surprised is the flavor is subtle at first, as it will continue to build as you chew it, providing of explosion of coffee flavored goodness for all to enjoy.

Sometimes we all need a good sweet treat now and again, and caramels, along with their sauces, will never disappoint! If you are seeking delicious caramels or some lovely floral arrangements, be sure to stop by Amore Fiori today, or contact us to begin your order, as we would love to provide you with some everyday happiness.

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