Succulents are a gorgeous go-to flower for any arrangement

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Succulents are on the rise, and they have every reason to be! Regardless of if you are seeking simplicity or a bold and unique style, these beauties can certainly fulfill each. As you plan your floral arrangements, take note that modern day floral trends are no longer all about long abundant fresh stems and big blooms, and that you can receive both dimension and depth from within the lovely flower itself, such as the succulent.

As you plan your floral arrangements, you certainly want the best quality while also allowing them to stand out in their own unique way, so utilizing succulents is surely an enticing option. Amore Fiori has gathered some inspiration in regards to how succulents are a perfect choice for any occasion, so continue reading for some insight:

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  • The making of the succulent. We all know the succulent, that fleshy and thick plant that derives its characteristics from the water that is stored within its leaves. Thriving best in dry and warm climates has them craving the sun, but not needing much tending when it comes to watering.
    • Succulents offer as botanical beauties that are available all year long, therefore becoming an optimum choice for wedding floral arrangements.

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  • Bold and beautiful arrangements. The arrangements you create for your wedding or event should flow beautifully with your chosen theme and vision, and luckily, succulents offer such a bold versatility which always allows them to always be a suitable choice.
    • Grown in multiple colors, succulents are able to adapt elegantly with any color palette, from greens to purples you will surely find a hue that fits your style.

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  • Terrariums of beauty. Offering as a unique and beautiful way to grow plants, terrariums add a sense of elegance and botanical beauty to any setting they are placed in. Not only are they used as a great way to grow succulents, especially in the winter months, but they allow you to create a unique element of décor for your event.
    • Versatility is key when making the succulent terrarium unique and all your own, from the container you choose to the décor you put within it, each item can be chosen just by you. Consider elegant rocks, gravel, sand and different types of succulents for a creative style that is all your own.

Every event deserves beautiful floral arrangements, arrangements that are anything but average. Here are Amore Fiori, we strive to create unique elements of décor just for your day, something that is anything but the average cookie-cutter approach. As you being to plan your flowers, be sure to contact us as we have an array of inspirational ideas just for you.


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