Top 3 reasons to invest in locally grown flowers

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As you begin to plan the flowers for your wedding, event or just everyday arrangements, you will surely want to obtain the highest quality beauties to ensure the outcome is gorgeous. You may think that choosing flowers from a florist means that they will be the best flowers on the market, but the truth is that your florist too needs to make sure that the flowers they receive are of exceptional quality, and the best way to do this is by purchasing them locally.

Investing in locally grown flowers is a must for creating arrangements that meet the highest quality standards. If you have ever wondered what you really when you purchase locally grown flowers, be sure to continue reading on as Amore Fiori has gathered the top reasons as to why buying locally grown flowers means you are buying the best:

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  • Life expectancy. Unfortunately, like everything living in this world, flowers do not last forever, they will eventually lose their beauty and wilt away. However, wouldn’t you like to ensure that your flowers last as long as possible?
    • If you choose to purchase your flowers locally, you can have confidence in knowing that you are receiving a fresh product that was cut at the perfect time to last the longest in your arrangements.
    • Local growers strive to follow a “farm to table” protocol, meaning that they want as little movement between the time the flowers are cut until they reach your vase or arrangements, making the expectancy of the flowers almost double in comparison to those which are shipped or stored for long amounts of time before being purchased by the consumer.

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  • Fresh and fragrant. You can have confidence in knowing that the flowers you purchase locally will be freshly grown and provide the most fragrant aromas.

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  • Support and dedication. There is nothing better than knowing you are supporting your local community and families because you purchased flowers through them. Local growers dedicate so much time and effort into making sure the product they are putting forth meets the highest quality standards.
    • Many hours are put in each day pulling weddings, watering and harvesting their flowers, to ensure that they are always beautiful, healthy and fresh.
    • Understand that when it comes to local growers, they are usually small businesses who strive off of their reputation, so they surely will want to provide an excellent product and great customer service.

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Amore Fiori proudly supports local growers, such as Stevens and Son Wholesale Florist of Arvada, Colorado; they are the largest grower of Oriental and Asiatic Lilies in the Rocky Mountain region.  They manage all of their departments with extreme care, as they believe that if the job is done right it will help to make you a success.

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Also, Jordan’s Flowers of Fort Collins, Colorado, who specializes in gorgeous Dahlias, takes great pride in supporting and participating in the local community, providing high quality locally grown flowers and plants and providing quality customer service.

From weddings to events and everything in between, Amore Fiori is here to create gorgeous bouquets and floral arrangements of all kinds to exceed all of your expectations. We take pride in offering customized beauties that are anything but your average cookie-cutter approach, so be sure to contact us today so we can start planning something unique and personalized, just for you.


Photo credit for photos 3, 4 and 5: Stevens and Son Wholesale Florist
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