Create bouquets of beauty for your bridesmaids – Part 1

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Your bridesmaids are a big part of your wedding, they are the ladies who will stand beside you and support you as you vow your love to your Groom, so they should of course be adorned with the most beautiful bouquets.

Keep in mind that these women are such an important aspect of not only your wedding day, but your life. They will consist of your relatives and best friends, so they should be equipped with bouquets that show how much you appreciate them taking part in your big day.

Choosing the flowers that you want to incorporate within your bridesmaid’s bouquets is actually a task that should take a lot of thought; with many kinds of flowers, sizes and colors, you certainly have an array of options. Luckily, Amore Fiori has gathered the top tips to creating personalized bouquets, perfect for your ladies, so be sure to continue reading to gain some insight:

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  • Your bridesmaids. Before you create your bridesmaid’s bouquets, first take into consideration the number of ladies you will have. If you plan on having a large group, you may want to consider opting for smaller bouquets in tight bunches, this way they do not overtake the picture as a whole. When you have all of your ladies standing beside you in colorful dresses with flowers, you still want to ensure that you and your bouquet shines as the bride.

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  • The dresses. Choosing your bridesmaids dresses before the bouquets is certainly a good idea as it can allow you to plan for a beautiful outcome. The size of your dresses actually does affect how your bouquets will appear against them.
    • If you have chosen short cocktail style dresses, or ones the portray a sleek silhouette, you should certainly consider smaller bouquets that are filled with sophistication and delicacies, they will accompany the simplicities of your lady’s dresses in a beautiful way.
    • For longer dresses or ones with volume, consider luscious full blooms for your bouquets, or even cascading florals. These dress types will be able to withstand the larger blooms gorgeously.

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  • Colors. Along with the size of your dress, the colors within them also matter too! You will surely want your flowers to complement the colors of your dresses in a lovely way, so knowing which colors work well together is definitely important. You may be thinking that if you have blue dresses you must have blue flowers, but that is entirely not the case! Actually, contrasting colors can appear beautifully together, while matching the flowers directly to your dresses can allow them to become lost against the fabric.

You and your bridesmaids should both be equipped with the most beautiful bouquets, and your wedding should also have floral arrangements that will really “wow” your guests. Here at Amore Fiori, we strive to provide the most personalized and intricate flowers, to match your style, theme and overall event. Don’t hesitate to contact us today as we can’t wait to begin planning your arrangements. Also, be sure to keep an eye out for next week’s blog article as we will continue on with part 2.


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