Create bouquets of beauty for your bridesmaids – Part 2

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As discussed in our blog article last week, the ladies who have accepted the role as your Bridesmaids for your wedding are all very important women in your life, so you will want to adorn them with absolutely gorgeous bouquets, as they should shine for their walk down the aisle as well.

Last week, we provided some tips as to how you can create bouquets of beauty for your bridesmaids, based on the number of ladies you have, their dresses and the colors. This week, Amore Fiori has gathered three more tips to assist you in creating lovely bouquets, so be sure to continue reading to gain even more insight:

  • Be unique. As you design your bouquets, you will want them to be unique and stand out within your wedding. Luckily, there are several ways that you can present your bouquets so that they are customized to your big day, but in a creative way.
    • Allow your blooms to stand out by incorporating many different types into your bunch. There are so many flowers that the earth provides us with, so why not use more than one? Vibrant colors, different textures and overall depth can create a stunning bouquet.
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    • If you are seeking a bolder approach, you should consider a monochromatic look for your bouquets, but know that even if you choose to utilize the same color, you can incorporate many flowers, allowing them to be unique in their own way.

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  • Coordinate your look. Your bridesmaids will be beside you on your big day, and their bouquets will be highlighted right next to yours, so if you are seeking a look that appears as though everything is tied together, you should coordinate them.
    • Forming a cohesive look is beautiful, and this can be done by coordinating your flowers with one another, or the colors, and allowing your bouquets to be smaller representations of your own.

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  • Personal touches. The ladies who you have chosen to be your bridesmaids are obviously important to you, so you should certainly consider adding some personal touches to their bouquets to show them your appreciation for their assistance within your wedding day.
    • Symbolically, every flower has a meaning, so why not choose flowers for each lady that represents them? For example, daisies symbolize innocence, so you can find flowers that match the personalities of each woman.
    • Also, you can include items within their bouquets, such as lockets with photographs of you both together, or even little jewels or friendship bracelets. Either way, your bridesmaids will definitely appreciate the special effort that you put forth.

Planning a wedding is a big task, especially when you are seeking to create each element to be unique and beautiful in its own way. Here at Amore Fiori, developing unique floral arrangements is our specialty, as you and your event should shine through within them. As you begin to plan your flowers, be sure to contact us, as we would love the opportunity to create your wedding or event’s flowers to stand out from the rest.






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