Incorporate the best flowers into your Fall wedding floral arrangements

fall wedding floral arrangements

As we enter into the months of Fall, you will notice the falling leaves, cool crisp air and beautiful changing colors, all of which creates a beautiful sense of warmth. However, did you know that flowers too are impacted by the season? Meaning that some flowers thrive better throughout these beautiful months than others.

Seeing as there are many flowers that grow among the beautiful earth, you will certainly want to ensure that you are choosing the best blooms for your wedding floral arrangements. Deep reds, fiery oranges and rich yellows are the prominent colors of Fall, so finding flowers that represent these lovely hues will certainly allow the season to shine through within your arrangements.

Every couple wants their wedding to appear gorgeous, and seeing as flowers are the most prominent element of décor, it is only natural that you will seek them to be created to flow beautifully with your wedding season. Planning your wedding flowers is a big task, that is why Amore Fiori has gathered the top blooms of Fall, so be sure to continue reading for some inspiration:

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  • Vibrant Sunflowers. Adding a brightness to any arrangement, sunflowers truly are a natural beauty. Their bright yellow color provides a vibrancy that adorns the season of fall in a lovely way.
    • Along with their beauty, sunflowers also offer very large blooms, allowing them to fulfil larger arrangements, or stand alone as a showstopper.
    • They also contrast gorgeously with other colors, such as navy blue and purple, for a colorfully beautiful outcome.

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  • Lovely Lilies. Symbolizing purity and refined beauty, lilies are certainly a wonderful choice for wedding flowers. The luxurious appearance of lilies can portray such intricate elegance among any arrangements they are placed within.
    • Their large blooms and several varieties allow them to be a great go-to flower choice, as they offer so much versatility in color, kind and size.
    • For Fall, L.A. Hybrid Lilies are a very popular choice, especially those that portray orange and yellow hues.

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  • Colorful Roses. Seeing as roses our offered to us in such a variety of colors, you can be certain that you will be able to find a lovely rose to adorn the season of Fall.
    • Hues of yellows and oranges are the most popular choice for the autumn season, as these colors accompany the natural beauty that Fall as to offer, such as beautiful “Coffee Break” roses.
    • Also, orange roses represent passion, while yellow roses represent joy, so incorporating them into your wedding helps to symbolize what your marriage is all about.


With so many flowers offered to us, it can be difficult to choose which blooms you want to incorporate into your wedding. Here at Amore Fiori, we have the knowledge and the passion to create personalized arrangements that will meet any theme or interest that you seek. From weddings to everyday flowers, we offer arrangements for all, so be sure to contact us today so we can begin planning yours.


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Photo credit for photo 4: Jessica Hill Photography


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