A September wedding at the Space Gallery in Denver, Colorado


Your wedding day marks the pivotal moment in your life where you will no longer walk alone through life, but walk hand in hand with your soul mate. This big day deserves to be perfect, and it should certainly be unique to you and your partner. You can achieve a special, unique, wedding by creatively constructing floral arrangements, for a stunning outcome!

Recently, Amore Fiori Flowers & Gifts had a wonderful experience creating beautiful floral arrangements for an incredible wedding that took place at the Space Gallery in Denver, Colorado. The details of this big day are too exquisite not to share, and luckily, Candice Benjamin Photography has captured every beautiful aspect of this enchanting day, so be sure to continue reading to experience the beautiful blooms that made this wedding a floral work of art.


  • The ceremony altar. The wedding altar provides a beautiful display as you and your partner promise to always love each other in sickness and in health. So, it is important to give your altar a great deal of thought so that you can create an impressive structure to accompany you on stage as you start your new life together. This couple chose to accent their white blooms with elegant dahlias and delicate roses, creating a charming display of pink and purple hues.


  • The bouquet. You will carry this gorgeous collection of flowers down the aisle as you approach your fiancé and your new life as a married couple, so create this lovely masterpiece to complement you and your gorgeous gown. The beautiful Bride chose to have a fresh floral look with fern greenery, a mix of darling pink hued roses, elegant dahlias, and she even added non bloomed flowers for an all-around freshly picked appeal.


  • The centerpieces. From the toasts to the wedding food, your guests will spend a decent amount of time at their tables. So, it is important to bring your wedding décor to every table to make your guests feel involved and to give them something stunning to look at while their feet take a rest from all of the wedding festivities. For this couple, it was important to showcase the white wedding element with gorgeous hydrangeas. They even made their centerpieces unique by choosing the perfect glitzy and glamorous vases.

Planning a wedding can get the best of you, especially when it comes down to creating the perfect décor. Here at Amore Fiori Flowers & Gifts, we specialize in wedding flowers, and know what it takes to create floral works of art, especially for your big day. So, if you are beginning to plan your wedding blooms, contact us today, as we would love to bring your wedding vision to reality.

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